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Mystic Falls. The heart of the supernatural.
The town is pretty much a permanent crime scene. Countless murders have occurred, people have been tortured. Scarves and turtlenecks are being bought in order to hide bite marks. Klaus is the puppetmaster and everyone else is just a part of his little game. With no way to kill him and his hybrid army slowly building, he's unstoppable.

With the introduction of the Original family, they are conflicted between killing Klaus, or sparing his life because he's their brother. The Salvatores and other Mystic Falls residents are making it their goal to take down Klaus once and for all, though they have no idea how. The witches of Chance Harbor, though all for the good cause, have their own problems to deal with - their Circle unbounded and their lives at risk due to witch hunters.

The Winchesters, initially called into town in order to help destroy Klaus, are being faced with new problems. Demons have made their way to Mystic Falls, with the goal to break the 66 seals and release Lucifer from his cage to bring on the Apocalypse.

This is war. True colors will show. Lives will be taken. Secrets will be exposed. Hearts will be broken. It's only another ordinary day on Supernatural Falls.

5/26: Junior/Senior Prom

For Friday, February 24th.

It’s Screamathon time! Thrown by your one and only’s Aaron Weaver and Dylan Stewart. Yes, the annual event has arrived once again for all you horror movie buffs out there. Of course if horror isn’t your thing, you’re still welcome to come and join the party. There will be alcohol, reasons to get dressed up and act like a complete psychopath (like people cheering you on as you pretend to stab your best friend in the back), and don’t worry, there will be plenty of haystacks to take that “special” someone to as well. How can you say no to that? 

This year’s bloodbath is going to be thrown at some abandoned barn (let’s pretend Mystic has one of those okay) and it is going to be a real killer, because it’s being thrown on a Full Moon. This party is strictly invite only, but relax, you guys have all been put on the guest list. 

So enjoy and remember! It’s probably not a good idea to go wandering around alone, because if you scream, no one is going to hear or believe you.

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